Lots remaining:  Please call the office for details at
(512) 515-6488.

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There are very few estate lots in Liberty Hill available.  Come out and walk our 2 acre, tree covered lots. Iron Oak is located on 1869 west of Liberty Hill approx. 4 miles from the city limits. All the lots are 2 acre and are covered with mature oak trees.  Some of the highlighted deed restrictions are listed below:

  • 2500 sf. min. home size with at least 600 sf. of garage space.
  • 75% masonry (this can be reduced if the house is architecturally appealing to the rest of the neighborhood).
  • Side entry garages are required on main house but we will allow detached garage doors to face the street.
  • Detached garages, shops, barns, guest homes and pool cabanas are allowed.  Metal buildings are allowed behind the rear projection line of the main house as long as they are tan metal (Mueller Steel Buildings color “Tan” or equal) with a trim color that matches the house.  No bright primary barn colors will be allowed including green, red, blue, yellow, etc…  And the front of the barn facing the street has to have the same color, masonry and wall finish as the main house.
  • All driveways must be concrete.
  • Homes will be on wells and have underground electrical service.  Rain water collection tanks are allowed.
  • Fences will be allowed to be decorative iron from the street to the front projection line of the house and slick field fence behind the rear projection line of the main house.  Gates to individual residences are allowed at the street.  No wood fencing of any kind is allowed.
  • No above ground pools.